Half Way Checkpoint- Resolutions for January

I broke my resolutions down this year into separate months (see the entire list here) to give myself a chance to renew every month instead of feeling like I failed for the whole year by the middle of January. I did decide that while I was packing and moving back to Arkansas to cut myself a little slack on my January resolutions. I am now back, unpacked, and ready to tackle them with a vengeance! Even with traveling several thousand miles in my car over the last month and celebrating the holidays with my east coast friends and family that I had not seen in months, I still managed to make a start towards my resolutions. Since the month is half way over, here is my update on what I have accomplished and what still needs some (or a lot) of work. I hope my honesty will help inspire you to recommit if you have already fallen off the wagon a bit or to continue if you are still going strong!

Resolution One- Complete a 52 Week Hike Challenge

I completed an 8 mile hike on New Years Day annnnnd have not been on another yet. To be fair, the second weekend it rained the whole time and this weekend I was driving the 20 hours back to Arkansas. I fully intend to catch up on my hikes (hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow and I can get one in at Devil’s Den State Park).

Develop a More Regular Yoga Practice

My internet in West Virginia just wouldn’t support youtubing any yoga videos. Today was my first full day in Arkansas and I completed my first 20 minute video. I hope to do one or two a day and, if I stay consistent at home, I will consider getting back into going to the studio. The video today was mostly gentle stretching but I was so excited just to roll out my mat. The dog thought about joining me for a minute but then he thought better of it and crawled back into his bed.

Run 50 Miles

Before I came home for the holidays I was up to running about 50 miles a month. With all of the snow and the single digit temps, my running got derailed over the holidays and I didn’t get many miles in. I think I might be currently around 8 miles for the month? Oops haha… There is still time to get some miles in and I would rather spend the rest of the month slowly working back up than pushing to hit 50 anyways and giving myself serious shin splints.

Discover the Gym at My Apartment Complex

That elusive, scary place. Maybe tomorrow… I have only been back one day… Right?

Sign Up for My First Half Marathon

Still have not done this. I did finally google some local 5ks I want to run this spring so I am going to sign up for a few of those and keep looking for a half marathon that I want to run.

That is my progress report for January so far. It is a little lackluster, but I am just now getting home from the holidays and can get back into my routine. I got groceries yesterday and bought stuff to meal prep my lunches all week so I won’t eat out. I also got a ton of fruits and vegetables to cook this week with my dinners. The first half of the month may be gone, but there is still the second half to go and I am excited to make some progress on some of my goals.

How are your resolutions going? Let me know!

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