A New Kind of March in Little Rock, AR

Today I went to the Women’s March in Little Rock, AR in solidarity with the march in D.C with around 7,000 other women. I got up at 6 a.m. to hit the road from Fayetteville with one of my friends from law school. The march was only two block to the capital steps and the warm weather made for an incredibly powerful day with other like-minded people.

I didn’t march to protest President Trump. I value the peaceful transfer of democratic power that happens in the United States every 4 or 8 years too much for that. I have been doing a lot of soul-searching over the electoral college and the popular vote and what type of system I would prefer to see for the United States in the future (ps the time to change that type of system is now- not right after an election).

So why did I protest? I marched because AR HB 1032 just flew through committee which is a ban on the safest method of second trimester abortion. I marched because there is not gender equality in wages or professional opportunities. I marched because I want everyone in every elected position everywhere all the way up to the President that there are problems that need attention. That I will be watching. I am hoping that he makes wise decisions that move our country forward in all respects including for women. But I am also watching if he doesn’t and I am fully prepared to use my voice to let him know. Elected officials represent the people so let the will of the people be heard.



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